Received Supernova Award, 2013, a prestigious award in Sapient India for creation of several animations films for their in-house productions

Received President Award, 2011, a prestigious award in Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd. for creation of several animated solutions demos for their in-house productions. The most appreciated one, of all is Network Share.

Films and Awards:


Won first prize in CG Tantra, 2010, India.

Srujan is a short sand animation production. It is a combination of different myths around the evolution of mankind.

Having finalized the concept, when we started our research on the subject, we came across the fact that in different religions and tribes, the evolution or birth of human beings is interpreted differently. However all the stories/myths share a resemblance or connection that literally binds them as one. This bond or sutra actually helped the subject to take off and flow in one complete storyline, thus evolving into the film - Srujan.

Futile Seed

Nominated for the International Animation Film Festival, Monstra, 2010, Lisbon Portugal. Nominated for the International Animation Film Festival, Chitra Katha, 2009, India. Nominated for 7th Kolkata short Film Festival, 2010, India.

Futile Seed is an oil on glass animation production. It was an ambitious project since it was created with the minimum use of equipment and technology - a regular sized lightbox, a handful of oil colours and an ordinary camera to shoot the hand drawn frames.

Futile Seed is the story of a man, and his high expectations from a seed, which he had planted in his garden. This story tells - how if you let time take its own course, and have patience - even the most dismal things and situations can produce wonders.

Poltur Kolpo Golpo

Nominated in 7th Kolkata short Film Festival, 2010, India.

Poltur Kolpo Golpo, [Poltu's Flight of Imagination] is a stop motion animation production, created with paper cutouts. The film was inspired by Leela Majumder's short story, Ganeshar Chithi.

It is a story of a 10-year old boy's fanciful imagination around his new school and class teacher, mixed with fantasy, humor and an element of satire directed at today's education system.

Phaj Daud

Nominated for the International Animation Film Festival, River to River 2010, Italy.

Phaj Daud is a short Puppet animation production, telling the story of a wealthy (khate peete) Panjabi family and their new arrival - a gift - and its after effects.

It was quite a fun project to work on; we created miniature of a house with various waste products, which are available easily. We had to create three characters keeping a stereotypical Indian Punjabi family in mind. It was a big challenge at the time of the shoot. We had to make those heavy/broad sized puppets not only walk, but also run on a treadmill. However, the end result had all of us smiling and cheering each other.